Bluetooth Qualification Process


Bluetooth Qualification Process with required testing

Bluetooth Qualification Process with
no required testing

this qualification path is required if

  • you are developing a new Bluetooth design from the scratch with no re-use of pre-qualified designs
  • you are integrating the pre-qualified design of the product type "component" in your product
  • you change your existing product in specification version or add new or change functionality

this qualification path is required if

  • you are integrating only subsystems and/or end products from another manufacturer (with no modifications)
  • you re-brand another manufacturer's product with your own logo/brand


Consultancy for Qualification Strategy
Project Setup in Launch Studio
Consistency Check
Test Plan Generation
Testing Services (in-house or in BQTF)
Test Declaration
Compliance Folder Review
Product Listings
Final Review and Listing

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