The new Qualification Program (QPRDv3) is becoming effective on 1st July 2024

BlueQ has already completed the Training Exam at the Bluetooth SIG and is ready to support you


  Bluetooth® Qualification Consultant (BQC)

Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Steinröder
Bluetooth® Qualification Consultant

  • BQC with 17 years experience (since 2007)
  • more than 1000 Listings / Qualifications
  • 20 years of Bluetooth knowledge (since Bluetooth Specification v1.1)
  • Diploma Thesis about Bluetooth (Adaptive Frequency Hopping, AFH)
  • Collaboration in the Bluetooth Technical Advisory Board (BTAB)
  • Participation in Bluetooth Un-Plug Fests
  • Execution of Bluetooth RF, Protocol and Profile Tests
  • Debugging and Failure Analysis
  • Expert in BlueZ (Linux Stack) Testing
  • Bluetooth Content Manager

Qualification Process

Bluetooth Qualification Process with required testing

Bluetooth Qualification Process with
no required testing

this qualification path is required if

  • you are developing a new Bluetooth design from the scratch with no re-use of pre-qualified designs
  • you are integrating the pre-qualified design of the product type "component" in your product
  • you change your existing product in specification version or add new or change functionality

this qualification path is required if

  • you are integrating only subsystems and/or end products from another manufacturer (with no modifications)
  • you re-brand another manufacturer's product with your own logo/brand


Consultancy for Qualification Strategy
Project Setup in Launch Studio
Consistency Check
Test Plan Generation
Testing Services (in-house or in BQTF)
Test Declaration
Compliance Folder Review
Product Listings
Final Review and Listing

Having an enforcement issue with the Bluetooth SIG?

We are experienced in helping our customers to solve the enforcement issues with the Bluetooth SIG

  • We are finding the right solutions quickly and can de-escalate the situation
  • We try to prevent you from cost recovery fee by preparing the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and support the agreement with the Bluetooth SIG
  • We can take the lead of the communication towards the Bluetooth SIG (we know many people inside the SIG personally)
  • We will bring you back to a member status in a good position


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