Consulting Services

Certification Concepts

We support our customers from the early beginning, starting with the product concept and develpoment phase.
When starting product development without considering the product approval and compliance requirements can lead to unexpected downstram efforts and costs. With the right concept and strategy from the beginning, you are able to design and develop your product and product family in wise anticipation of later product certifications. This will ensure a cost and time efficient market access without later surprises. 

BlueQ are experts and have long-time experience with multiple technologies inside a product and family certification concepts for a wide range of different product types.

Pre-Compliance Support

BlueQ offers pre-compliance support in order to make your products ready for final testing and certification

  • Identification of applicable standards
  • Definition of testing requirements
  • Setup of Compliance Folder / Technical Constuction File
  • Guidance on Document preparation
  • Test Sample Preparation Guidance
    • What needs to be prepared?
    • How to prepare?
    • Which test modes are required?
    • How many samples?
  • Test Instruction preparation
  • Testability check of test samples
  • Performance of Pre-Testing during development

Training Workshops

Based on our long-term experience in the area of worldwide testing and certifications for wireless devices, our experts are looking forward to prepare individual Trainings and Workshops for you that meet your specific demands.

We offer trainings and workshops in the following areas:

Regulatory Testing Requirements

CE-RED (Europe, Radio Equipment Directive)

  • Test Standards
  • Notified Body (Type Examination Certificate)


  • Test Standards
  • TCB (FCC Grant)

ISED (Canada)

  • Test Standards
  • FCB (ISED Certificate)

Worldwide Radio Type Approval

  • Type Approval Basics
  • Certification Strategy
  • Worldwide Standards
  • Local Representatives
  • Documentation
  • Validity / Renewal
  • In-country Testing
  • Sample Preparation for In-Country Testing
  • Lead Time
  • Labelling

Bluetooth® SIG Qualification

  • Bluetooth®  Qualification
  • Bluetooth®  Testing


please contact us for your individual training content