Type Approval Services

We obtain all necessary Radio Type Approvals for your device by using our global network and best in-class certification strategies.

BlueQ is working very close directly with authorities, local agents, certification bodies and accredited laboratories to manage all administrative and testing processes efficient and with highest quality.

With our 20 years of personal experience in the Type Approval Business, you can rely on our competence and expert knowledge to make the process easy and transparent.

Our cerification experts are on hand to guide you through the entire project.


Certification Strategy

Defining the right certification strategy is the key value to optimize the approval process and to minimize the costs.
This can be clever variant handling, family certifications and re-use of modular approvals etc.

BlueQ has deep expert knowledge in defining optimal strategies for your product or product family. Click here


Local Representatives

For some countries foreign manufacturers are not allowed to directly submit an application to the local regulatory authorities, but require a person on-site (so called "local representative"), in order to obtain type approval for their devices.

These local representatives can be an office location, importer or distributer inside this country.

The obligation of the local representative is for example to sign applications, declarations or take over the role as certification holder.

BlueQ offers 3rd party local representative service in many countries in case you do not have local presence


Documentation Review

To apply for worldwide type approval a so called "Technical Construction File (TCF)" needs to be submitted to the various local authorities.
These documents are for example your CE Declaration of Conformity, User Manual, Photo Documentation, Antenna Specification etc.
To guarantee a smooth process, all documents must contain correct product, technical and applicant information. 

BlueQ will guide you on the required documentation and perform a consistency check 


Validity / Renewal

In around 60 countries worldwide the validity of certificates are limited.

The limitation could be from 6 month (min) up to 15 years (max) depending on the country and the wireless technology of the product.
However, most certificates with limited validity are valid for between 1 and 5 years.

After the certifiates are expired, existing certificates can be renewed or a new certfication is required, depending on the country.

BlueQ will track your certificate validities and remind you before expiring on demand


In-country Testing

While around 80% of the worldwide country certifications can be obtained by adminstrative work (by using CE or FCC Reports and Approvals), there are various countries which their own national requirements. These countries do not accept CE or FCC test results, but instead require seperate in-country testing according to national standards. 

These countries are for example Taiwan, China, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Mexico etc.

BlueQ will guide and support your project during the test session at foreign test labs


Sample Preparation for In-Country Testing

Depending on the country, different test configurations can be necessary (e.g. conducted, radiated, test mode, series device, EMC setup).

Samples needs to be prepared with temporaty antenna connectors (SMA), instead of antenna and accessible on required test modes. 

BlueQ will guide you on the sample preparation from the early beginning and pre-check all devices before entering foreign test labs


Lead Time

Due to the several requirements in the individual countries, the durations for the various certifications are different.
For CE or FCC based countries the duration can differ from 1 - 12 weeks.
For countries with local testing, the usual duration is around 8 - 25 weeks, including shipment time.

Local circumstances such as political problems, restructuring of the authority, natural disasters and pandemics can lead to changes in the usual durations.

BlueQ can offer express services in some countries, as far as it is possible



When the type approval is finished and your product in ready to enter the market, you need to ensure to place the correct labelling on your radio device. By marking your product with the corresponsing label, you demonstrate that your product is in compliance with the legal regulations. This will also be checked during the import procedure by the customs authorities. Only the correct marking will ensure a smooth import process. All around the world there are many different marking requirements for the product, packaging and user manual.  In some countries (e.g. USA, Taiwan etc.) there are also requirements for the specific warning statements in the user manual. For some specific devices there are also exemptions possible for the label requirements, for example when the device is too small to place a label on it or when it's built-in into vehicles.

BlueQ will provide you with all mandatory label and user manual requirements 

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Type Approval Process